The Learning Revolution - On-line Introduction

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UNLIMITED Learning - the new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it.

to skim through four books in a day - and remember what you read?
   In a world of instant communications, would you like to be able to tap into the combined knowledge and talents of humanity - on your own personal computer or TV screen?
   In a world where perhaps only a quarter of all people will have full time jobs as we now know them, would you like to earn an excellent living doing the things you love to do?
   In a world where education systems are under severe criticism, would you like some guaranteed methods to reduce the current failure rate?
   In a world where everyone will have to plan for several different careers in a lifetime, would you like to learn the key principles about any new job simply, easily and quickly?
   In a world where 20 percent of the population will soon be over 60, would you like to know how you can go on enjoying life well into your 80s or 90s?
   In a world where soaring taxation and deficits threaten to strangle democracy, how can we achieve these results without spending an extra cent?

   If these questions sound like the start of a glowing advertisement, relax. Every one of these results is possible right now, and all are being achieved somewhere in the world:
    In Finland, the Government has engaged 5,000 students to teach their teachers how to use computers and information technology.
The Learning Revolution model: Everyone is now a teacher as well as a learner. And "for the first time ever children are taking over critical elements of a communications revolution". 5 
 In China, eight-and-nine-year-olds at the Beijing 21st Century Experimental School are learning to speak fluent English by playing with giant crossword puzzles, quiz shows and other fun-filled games.
   The Learning Revolution model: For most people, learning is most effective when its fun.
    In New Zealand's Tahatai Coast Primary School, six-year-olds use computers to make CD-ROMs and plan their own "school of the future". Other six-year-olds build Technic Lego working models of their "21st century home". And they use computers to activate the solar-and wind-powered units designed to make each house self-sufficient in energy.
   The Learning Revolution model: Create the right environment and


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