The Learning Revolution - On-line Introduction

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absorbed easily, and remembered, when learners are fully involved.
    In Hastings, New Zealand, 11-year-olds up to five years behind in their reading are catching up in eight to ten weeks through a "tape-assisted reading program". A typical gain in that time is 3.3 years.10
   The Learning Revolution model: Even if you're well behind at school, it's not too late to catch up, using integrated learning methods.
    In California, the scientist who dissected Albert Einstein's brain, Professor Marian Diamond, is rearing the world's most intelligent rats - and providing big breakthroughs to speed up learning in humans.
   The Learning Revolution model: The brain research shows intelligence can soar in the right environment - and for humans too.
    In Beijing, China, the Clever Software Group Company employs 1,000 specialists to produce Computer Tutor and other CD-ROM programs that guarantee student examination passes. And CSC links all its staff members around China in an internal Intranet, which is now also being used as a model for other schools.
   The Learning Revolution model: Interactive learning technology provides some of the world's best business opportunities.
    In St. Louis, Missouri, the teachers at New City School
12 have collectively written an entire book, on how they're teaching every subject, at every grade, by catering to many different types of intelligence.
   The Learning Revolution model: There is more than one type of smartness - and we each have a learning style as individual as our fingerprints. Effective schools should recognize that and cater to it.
    In Alaska, students at Mt. Edgecumbe High School run four pilot companies. One order: $600,000 for smoked salmon to Japan - as they study marketing, business, economics and Japanese.
   The Learning Revolution model: Use the real world as your classroom, and to learn it, do it.
    Millions of youngsters have now learned the basics of geography from a CD-ROM game devised by two young Iowa trivia-quiz fans: Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego?
   The Learning Revolution model: Computer games can transform many aspects of learning.
    In Singapore, the Government is spending $US1.5 billion
14 to bring the world's best information technology to its schools and homes.


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