The Learning Revolution - On-line Introduction

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UNLIMITED Learning - the new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it.

to develop your own unique talents: to learn by using all your senses and your natural abilities.
   These guidelines have come not a moment too soon. The old school model is as dead as the industrial revolution that spawned it. It may well have been fine 50 years ago to "educate" 20 percent of the population to be professional workers, 30 percent for trades and clerical jobs, and to leave the remaining 50 percent to be largely-uneducated farm and manual laborers.
But to continue that policy creates a national and international disaster. Nearly all students now need to become self-acting, self-confident, creative "managers of their own future". The tragic alternative is to continue to create a dispossessed, unemployed underclass, as most of the old manual jobs disappear.
   And even for graduates, knowledge gained in a degree course is often outdated even before graduation. Overall, the instant-communications revolution enables us to regularly update that information, and make it available, on demand, when it is needed by anyone who possesses the tools to access it.
   We can thus now define many new models for the new digital age. In the multimedia model, it means we can:
    Harness the ability of the world's best "subject experts";
    Link their talents with the world's best specialists in simple, new, interactive, fun-filled learning techniques;
    Marry them to the world's most brilliant methods of interactive multimedia communications;
    Crystallize that work into simplified templates that make it easy to teach anyone anything in a way that suits each person's own style;
    Make such courses available instantly, free, to virtually everyone in the world through inexpensive network computer/TV sets - and almost as easy to operate as your TV.
    Set up intranet networks that can link each school with the Internet in a way that makes individual learning much more effective and much more fun - with teachers as professional managers and mentors, and schools as new interactive lifelong learning centers.
   Some of the answers are so simple and self-evident it's amazing that no country has yet adopted them as national policy:
    Fifty percent of a child's ability to learn is developed in the first four years of life.
24 This makes parents the world's most important


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