Accelerated Learning
It's not just about readers and reading

Boston Professor of Education Lynn Dhority specializes in teaching second languages by many of the creative learning techniques outlined in The Learning Revolution book.
In one well-researched study:
Three groups of American soldiers studied basic German for 12 weeks using standard educational methods (60 days, 360 hours). Another group studied the same subject, using "accelerated learning" techniques, for 18 days (108 hours).
Only 29 percent of the "standard groups" reached the required level of understanding in 360 hours. But 64 percent of the "accelerated learning" group achieved the same ability to read German in 108 hours; and 73 percent reached the required level of understanding spoken German. Statistically, that is a 661 per cent better learning rate: more than twice the results in one-third the time.
(These results are summarized from: The 661% Solution: A statistical evaluation of the extraordinary effectiveness of Lynn Dhority's U.S. Army accelerated learning German class, by Lyelle L. Palmer, Professor of Education and Special Education Chair, Winona State University, Minnesota, in a joint paper with Professor Dhority.)

Other training results with accelerated learning methods:
Bell Atlantic C & P Telephone Co: 4-week and 6-week customer rep. training course and 12-day technical course. 42, 57 and 50 percent training time reduction. Dropout rate reduced 300 percent. $700,000-a-year saving in training costs.
Northeast Medical College: Forty percent of first-year medical students failed their final exam in anatomy. The course was redesigned with integrative learning principles—and 100 percent passed. (Information supplied by Laurence D. Martel, President, National Academy of Integrative Learning, Hilton Head, South Carolina.)
Intel Corporation: Participants on one course achieved a knowledge-gain of 507 percent compared with 14 percent by traditional methods. (Information from The Centre for Accelerated Learning, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.)
This highly-abbreviated summary comes from chapter 9 of the world's best-selling book, The Learning Revolution, by Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos.


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