Brain-based learning
How neuroscience research is transforming education

The world has learned more about the human brain in the past 10 to 15 years than in the rest of recorded history. And that information is leading to revolutionary changes in how we can each use our own "individual brain-based computer" to learn anything much better, faster and more easily. Among the findings
* Each healthy human brain contains a trillion brain cells, including 100 billion active nerve cells or neurons, and 900 billion other cells that flue, nourish and insulate the active cells.

* Each of those active cells can grow up to 20 dendrites, to store information like branches on a tree

* From very early in life, the infant brain can form these new learning connections at the incredible rate of up to 3 billion a second. Those connections are the first key to brainpower.

* We each have four brains in one: an instinctive brain; an emotional brain; a balancing brain; and the highly-developed human cortex

* The cortex has two sides your left "academic" brain; and your right "creative brain".

* Each side is joined by a corpus callosum which shuttles millions of messages per second between the left and right sides. The more you use both sides together the easier it is to learn

* Your brain has many different "intelligence centers" and each of us can develop those "multiple intelligences" to build on natural strengths and strengthen our weaknesses.

* Each brain operates on at least four separate wavelengths. The wide-awake beta wavelength is the one we use most effectively when using information we already know (like driving a car or speaking a language in which we are fluent). But the alpha wavelength the wavelength of "relaxed alertness" isgenerally better for quickly learning new information.

* Each one of us is using only a tiny fraction of our brain's potential.

This highly-abbreviated summary comes from chapter 3 of the world's best-selling book, The Learning Revolution, by Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos.


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