Chapter 1 - The Future

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The Future


UNLIMITED Learning - the new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it.

The 16 major trends that will shape tomorrow's world

  A revolution is changing your life - and your world.
  You are part of the first generation to live in a new age: an age that offers an unlimited choice of futures in an era where virtually all things are possible.
  Your children's world will be like none other before. Their future, too, depends on the ability to grasp new concepts, make new choices, and go on learning and adapting throughout life.
   Rich countries have already made the leap from an industrial society to an age of information: an age where human brainpower, knowledge and creativity will continue to replace machinery and buildings as the main capital in society.
  Poor countries now have the enormous opportunity to telescope history: to leap over the industrial era and straight into the new age of networked intelligence.
  But that new age also poses stark alternatives. For those with the new knowledge: a world of opportunity. For those without: the prospect of unemployment, poverty and despair as the old jobs disappear, the old systems crumble.
  The main thrust of this book is that new methods of learning are urgently needed if most people are to benefit. And not just for a new generation, but for those who are already adults.
  But learning can be fully effective only if it enables each of us to link directly to the needs of the new age. Of all the trends, we believe at least 16 main ones will dictate what and how we now need to learn:


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