Chapter 5 - How to think for great ideas

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How to think for great ideas


UNLIMITED Learning - the new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it.

New program to teach yourself or students creative thinking
  Amazingly the most important "subject" of all is not taught at most schools: how to invent your own future, how to create new ideas.
  Yet the world today needs a diet of revolutionary new ideas as never before. As Roderic Gorney says in The Human Agenda: "For the first time in our two million or more years we have the possibility of enough to go around." But most of the world's political leaders are driving into that future through a rear-vision mirror fixed on a bygone era.
  In education, the contrast between past and future is even more marked. As Robert Gross puts it: "We live in the first era in human history when our species' entire heritage of knowledge, wisdom and beauty is available to each of us virtually on demand."1
  That gives us the opportunity to reinvent education and usher in a golden age of discovery and innovation: to reinvent they way we think, learn, work, live, enjoy ourselves and create. The models already exist.
  Thomas Edison held 1093 patents,2 and electrified the world. Walt Disney and Apple Computers' Steve Jobs3 each founded giant commercial empires on the power of a new idea - and a different make-believe mouse. Ray Krok4 was a middle-aged milk-shake machine seller when he first visited the California hamburger bar of Dick and Maurice McDonald. He was to take their basic concept, mix it with others, and turn the result into the world's biggest fast-food chain. Georgi Lozanov, the Bulgarian psychologist, linked yoga, meditation and music to revolutionize the teaching of foreign languages. The Internet and World Wide Web have completely changed the way the world communicates.
  Bill Gates is the richest man in America firstly because he and his


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