Chapter 8 - The secret heart of learning

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The secret heart of learning


UNLIMITED Learning - the new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it.

How to program for success in education as in business
  Sometimes a great truth sears itself into your brain.
  Or one crisp sentence telegraphs a truism more effectively than a thousand books.
  Or you feel a mask has been whipped from shrouded eyes - as you see something so simple you wonder why you've never seen it before.
  And the simplest truths have emerged from every success story we've analyzed for this book:
  whbxshad.gif (53 bytes) The best systems in the world are programmed to succeed.
  whbxshad.gif (53 bytes) Most current educational systems are programmed to fail.
  They're not programmed to fail everybody. But they are programmed to fail a large percentage of students. In some cases up to 50 percent. And whatever you program you'll generally achieve.
  The world's airlines plan to land their planes with 100 percent safety every time. A one-in-a-million failure rate would rightly be regarded as a tragedy.
  The world's top car companies spend a fortune to reduce their manufacturing fault-rates from 2 percent to 1 percent.
  But most school systems actually expect and plan for a reject rate that would send any business bankrupt.
  Businesses use spell-checking computers so that every letter they write can go out word-perfect. Accounting firms use electronic calculators and computer programs to help make sure their clients' financial reports and tax returns are 100 percent accurate. Anyone in the real world who is learning a computer turns to a friend for advice when stumped.

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