Chapter 8 - The secret heart of learning

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The secret heart of learning


UNLIMITED Learning - the new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it.

wedlock, whereas in Malaysia it is 2 percent), high divorce rate, loss of self-reliance and lower academic achievement."
  By contrast, the Chinese family networks that are now the dominant economic force in Asia also add, to their Asian and family values, their traditional emphasis on learning as a key goal for every child. Inside that nurturing cultural web, Asian countries have already shown how they can take the world's best technical breakthroughs and improve on them, without changing their own core values.
  The Acer Group, Taiwan's leading computer manufacturer, has already contributed $7 million as seeding finance to set up the Acer Foundation to popularize new business methods. Acer has also set up its own children's computer and electronic games magazine - in Chinese. And it will not surprise us if satellite educational programs, in Mandarin, linking sites around Asia, play a bigger part than politicians in solving differences between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland.
  Significantly, when The Learning Revolution was first published, it was one of Singapore's leading international schools that led the overseas demand by airfreighting in copies for every member of its staff.
  And at Beijing's 21st Century Experimental School you'll find an excellent blend of traditional values and interactive technology. Go into one typical class, and eight-year-olds will be holding a wide-ranging discussion on behavioral values: a daily "subject". Next door nine-year-olds will be learning English by playing games. Elsewhere others will be working with computers or studying history through fossils in a school museum, learning classical music, or entertaining parents and foreign visitors in a completely unconscious and friendly way.
  Even the school's establishment reflects the changing era. It is headed by Professor Zhang Fuqi,a Director of China's Senior Professors Association; the buildings financed by a donation from his entrepreneurial son; the land donated by the local government: all this in the main city of the world's biggest "communist-led" state.
  No problems here with self-esteem and self-confidence as the school strives to link great methods of learning and teaching: some as ancient as Chinese civilization, others as tomorrow-geared as an electronic beep.


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