Chapter 9 - True learning: the fun-fast way

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True learning: the fun-fast way


UNLIMITED Learning - the new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it.

New-century guideposts for tomorrow's teachers, trainers
  Bright teachers and trainers around the world are now preparing for the challenges of the 21st century.
  And they're doing it simply: by combining lessons learned from kindergarten, brain research, show business, advertising, television, music, dancing, the movies, sports, art, and electronic multimedia.
  Above all they're restoring fun to the learning process.
  At Simon Guggenheim School, 11-year-old students from the poorest district of Chicago, Illinois, have learned to speak fluent Spanish, through visualization, puppet shows and songs.1
  In south-east Asia non-accountants are learning the principles of accountancy in a two-day accelerated-learning game.2
  In Australia, secondary school students have appeared as French actors in their own videotape production - as a vital part of learning a three-year foreign-language course in eight weeks.3
  In the tiny European State of Liechtenstein, one trainer has created over 240 games to teach virtually anything - from patent law to geography, history and physics.4
  In Auckland, New Zealand, aspiring Polynesian company managers have learned the main principles of marketing in only 90 minutes - playing the Great Pacific Century Marketing Game, with pineapples, bananas and gambling dice.5
  Intel, IBM, Apple Computers and Bell Atlantic in the U.S., The Burton Group and British Airways in the United Kingdom, Shell Oil and Air New Zealand are among the major companies using similar techniques


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