Chapter 12 - Solving the dropout dilemma

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Solving the dropout dilemma


UNLIMITED Learning - the new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it.

How to get "high" on education, and not on drugs, gangs, and crime
  Is it really possible for nearly all students to succeed at high school?
  Are there some guaranteed methods to get teenagers "high" on achievement instead of on drugs, gangs and crime? And ways to slash dropout rates even among those entering high school way behind others? Is it actually possible for nearly every student to love high school? Fortunately, our research says: Yes. And outstanding high schools are already achieving these results by using:
       Common sense lessons from the world's best businesses.
       Methods that captivate youngsters' emotions so they want to stay in school.
       Sound link-ups between university research breakthroughs, competent high school teachers and new technology.
       New group study techniques that are lifting examination "failures" into the ranks of high-achievers.
       Methods that focus on what we want for youth, not what we don't want.
       Short graduated courses where everyone can achieve step-by-step success - at any age.
       Outstanding, concentrated out-of-school SuperCamps that result in marked increases in academic results, motivation and confidence.
       New teaching techniques to make sure that all individual learning styles are catered to.
  For working models of teenage success stories we've chosen examples from as far apart as the south-east panhandle of Alaska, the


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