Chapter 12 - Solving the dropout dilemma

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Solving the dropout dilemma


UNLIMITED Learning - the new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it.

lights are out. The teacher smiles; her ratings were good that day.
   A typical day at SuperCamp, if any day could be said to be typical. Each day the staff model the key principles of self-esteem and highly motivated achievement. And the results, as we've reported, are lasting.
  And how do parents feel about it? An overall positive attitude towards the learning experience is expressed by 92 percent of parents and 98 percent of students.25
  Learning Forum, parent company of The SuperCamp organization, is now working with different American schools and several entire districts to incorporate the program outlined in co-founder Bobbi DePorter's book Quantum Learning, and in the more recent Quantum Teaching.
  Quantum Learning for Teachers is a professional development program for educators "to put joy back into the learning process". And the results speak for themselves:
   Thornton Township High School District, South Holland, Illinois,has three high schools, each with approximately 2,200 students. A big percentage of those come from low-income families, including 83 percent from African-American families. Since 1992 Learning Forum has organized multiple day trainings to put the SuperCamp principles into school settings. By 1998 detailed research 26 showed both teachers and students dramatically increasing their effectiveness.
   In spring 1997, incoming Thornton ninth graders were identified as performing well below grade level in math and English. They were given the opportunity to attend a 22-day Quantum Learning summer school. And after that many showed a two-year gain in math (for those who had not yet reached grade level) and a six-year gain for those who had. English grades were also up dramatically.
   Grossmont Union High School District in La Mesa, California, has spent more than a year tracking students being taught with the Quantum Learning methods. Result: 18 percent of students scoring C- or lower have now raised their grades substantially.
   And at California's Rancho Bernardo High School, Quantum Learning-trained Teacher of the Year Lori Brickley reported: "Quantum Learning's methods made things happen with the kids that I couldn't believe. Six weeks into this school year my 'at-risk' students achieved a one-point grade jump."
  Add all these ingredients together and you're starting to find a recipe that will create the schools that tomorrow demands.


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