Chapter 13 - Planning tomorrow's schools

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Planning tomorrow's schools


UNLIMITED Learning - the new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it.

The 12 steps to transform a nations education system
  Almost anything we can conceive is now possible.
  And that applies equally to schools and education. So every plan to improve a school system should start with a vision of what it should be, even if that will need to be regularly updated.
  Every community also has existing educational assets - land, buildings, teachers and administrators - and, like any great success story, the best educational achievements will come by starting with our assets, defining the vision, and creatively planning to link the two.
  It also seems to us that any sensible vision should include these factors:
    Lifelong continual learning will be a key fact of life for everyone.
    Inside that context, everyone should be encouraged to plan his or her own curriculum for life.
    While there is no one right way to teach or learn, there are many techniques to enable anyone to learn faster, better, smarter. And an open-minded search for new ideas is central to tomorrow's world, and central to tomorrow's schools.
    Every state or country also has different school-health relationships, administrative systems, teacher training programs. And, as in any other field, progress will often depend on the vision and drive of individual leaders: principals, teachers, parents, administrators and political leaders.
  Against that background, we believe these should be the 12 main steps to an excellent school system:


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