Chapter 15 - Just do it!

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Just do it!


UNLIMITED Learning - the new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it.

How any country can lead the learning revolution: so can you
  Now it's your turn. The Learning Revolution is yours to shape.
  Almost everything that idealistic dreamers ever imagined is now possible. The knowledge exists to create the world's first truly learned society. That learning revolution will flower fastest when it brings together all these elements:
    Introduce great infant-development and parenting programs.
    Lead the world in interactive communications technology.
    Choose from the proven best methods of learning.
    Mount school-business partnerships and initiatives.
    Make teacher retraining a top priority.
    Provide farsighted government leadership.
    Make lifelong learning a philosophy.
    Build on the strengths of each nation's own culture.
    And encourage students to be teachers as well as learners.
  Already exciting models are showing that revolution in action.

The Singapore centralized leadership model
  On a centralized Government level, the biggest challenge has been thrown down by the Government of Singapore.
  Its master plan we've already covered: a $US1.5 billion program to introduce the world's best educational technology to schools and society. It is using that for teaching new skills, with high emphasis on creative thinking and lifelong learning. It's also built in positive steps to ensure


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