Chapter 15 - Just do it!

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Just do it!


UNLIMITED Learning - the new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it.

talents abroad in a different way. Called in to Singapore to rescue one international school from bankruptcy, he went back later to set up a much larger one. In the buildings of the former Singapore Teachers Training College, his Overseas Family School now has 1700 students, and a management split that could be a model for the world.
  Teachers applying for jobs are sent a copy of The Learning Revolution to indicate the school's overall philosophy. But David Perry stresses: "We don't try and tell good teachers how to teach. Instead, we make a very distinct split between the teaching and management functions. We spend a great deal of time selecting able teachers from around the world. Management then provides all the resources needed for those excellent teachers to do an excellent job."7 And that means that every teacher can concentrate 100 percent on developing each child's natural ability. With students from around the world, the school looks like a mini United Nations. And it is.
  The Overseas Family School has students from early childhood through to high school, and a developing college-level campus operated in conjunction with California State University, the world's biggest teacher-training college.

The Foundation model
  Variations of the "Foundation model" are also showing the way - often set up with grants from business following the patterns originally set by the Ford and Carnegie Foundations in the United States.
       In Britain, the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce has launched a four-year nationwide Campaign for Learning. Sir Christopher Ball is chairman. Its aim: "To change the culture and gradually transform the U.K. into a 'learning society'." To that Ball adds a personal vision: "For every individual to have a Personal Learning Action Plan (PLAN), every organization to become a learning organization, and for everybody to be in reach of an accessible provider of learning opportunities - whether in a school, college, university or in employment or in the home." 8
       In America the Johnson Foundation - financed by Johnson Wax - has recruited John Abbott from Britain's Education 2000 Foundation to promote the search for new learning methods.
       From New Zealand again comes an unusual hybrid from the rapid changes in finance, banking and internationalization. For over 100 years


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