Distance learning
The new education wave of the future

"In 30 years, the universities of America, as we have traditionally known them, will be barren wastelands."
That prediction, by noted management thinker Peter Drucker, is one of many startling predictions covered by Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos in their top-selling book, The Learning Revolution.

But authors Dryden and Vos in a news-update on this website, they suggest Drucker is conservative. "Thirty years?" they question. "How about three?"

And that update shows how Stanford, Columbia, Harvard, Duke and Wharton Universities in the United States, and the London School of Economics in Britain are racing to get some of their top management courses on line.

Predictions are that by 2004 more than 100 million Americans will be taking part in adult education programs, many of them combining distance learning with shorter on-site courses.

Chapter 14 in The Learning Revolution details many of the ways in which interactive information technology will transform distance education through the Internet and through two-way satellite communications.

Dryden and Vos forecast that within the next few years students around the world will have instant access to the world's best teachers, through an extensive variety of sources: the Internet, satellite, digital video discs, two-way conferencing, CD-ROMs and multimedia interactive study.

They cite the convergence of satellite television and the Internet as the next big distance-learning breakthrough in developing countries. See: China-led model; for new century

And in the chapter on Tomorrow's Business World, they outline a wide variety of specific interactive learning "tools" that are already available.


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