Elementary schools
The world's best models in action

If Rip Van Winkle returned to life today after sleeping for 130 years, possibly the only thing he would recognize would be the standard elementary school or primary school classroom.
But now new model schools are emerging around the world.

And the world's top-selling nonfiction book in 1999, The Learning Revolution, outlines the best ones researched by co-authors Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos. Among their favorites:

Tahatai Coast Primary School, in Papamoa, New Zealand.
This is a public school in a non-affluent area but it doesn't even look like a school. It was designed from scratch to combine the world's best interactive multimedia technology and some of the world's best teaching methods. In fact, most of the best methods covered throughout the 544-page hardcover book are found in practice at Tahatai Coast School. (Page 488)
The Lemshaga Barnakademi in Sweden designed as "an extraordinary school for ordinary children". It has students from aged three to 15, and incorporates many similar principles to those found at Tahatai Coast. (Page 490)

The Overseas Family School in Singapore an international school that also starts with early-childhood classes and takes youngsters, from 26 different nationalities, through to post-high school. (Page 499)

John Eliot Elementary School in Needham, Massachusetts, USA. One of America's foremost models in integrative accelerated learning. (Page 444).

Beijing's 21st century experimental school, in Beijing, China. One of China's unique new experiments to combine the best in public and private education and in linking traditional Chinese values with new methods of learning. (Page 295).

Many other examples are covered throughout The Learning Revolution.

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