Future trends - Tomorrow's world
The 16 major trends that will shape the new century

These 16 trends are:

The age of instant communications. A world without economic borders. Four steps to a one-world economy. Internet commerce and learning. The new service society. The marriage of big and small. The new age of leisure. The changing shape of work. Women in leadership. Your amazing brain rediscovered. Cultural nationalism. The growing underclass. The active aging of the population. The new do-it-yourself boom Cooperative enterprise. The triumph of the individual. All 16 trends are fully developed in chapter one of The Learning Revolution, the world's top-selling book for 1999, by Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos.
Rich countries have already made the leap from an industrial society to an age of information: an age where human brainpower, knowledge and creativity will continue to replace machinery and buildings as the main capital in society.

Poor countries now have the enormous opportunity to telescope history: to leap over the industrial era and straight into the new age of networked intelligence.

But that new age also poses stark alternatives. For those with the new knowledge: a world of opportunity. For those without: the prospect of unemployment, poverty and despair as the old jobs disappear, the old systems crumble.

The main thrust of this book is that new methods of learning are urgently needed if most people are to benefit. And not just for a new generation, but for those who are already adults.


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The Learning Revolution - The Future

. Accelerated learning
. Brain based learning
. Business education
. Diet-Nutrition-Education
. Distance learning
. Education futures
. Education and schools
. Elementary schools
. Emotional intelligence
. Foreign languages
. Future trends
. Games - Learning games
. Games - Teaching games
. Games - Training games
. High School Dropouts
. Home schooling
. Ideas & Critical Thinking
. Information technology
. Innovation and Thinking
. Integrated studies
. IQ tests and Intelligence
. Kaizen
. Learning Disabilities
. Learning English
. Learning organizations
. Learning society
. Learning styles
. Learning by yourself
. Memory Tricks
. Mind mapping
. Maria Montessori
. Music and Learning
. Phonics
. Jean Piaget
. Pregnancy and Nutrition
. Preschool Education
. Quotes and Quotations
. Reading Recovery
. Ritalin and ADHD
. Schools of the future
. Self esteem
. Speed Reading
. Teaching Breakthroughs
. The Learning Revolution
. Writing Effectively


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