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Learning is most effective when it's fun, according to top-selling authors Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos in The Learning Revolution.
Throughout their 544-page summary of the world's best learning methods, and in demonstrations around the world, they provide dozens of tips on how to spark up any presentation for teachers, trainers or public speakers. Among their favorites:

Human Bingo. How to get seminar participants or students to introduce themselves in a fun way and to recognize each other's strengths. Great ice-breaker, particularly when participants have never met before.

The balloon game. A great way to demonstrate different thinking styles. Wonderful for management or business seminars. Each participants inflates four colored balloons to match his or her best strengths then finds three other people so they make a well-balanced team.

How to count to ten in Japanese. A practical demonstration to show how all can learn much faster when they "see it, hear it and DO it."

The hat trick. One Australian restaurant lines its walls with party hats, and guests wear any they like to create an hilarious atmosphere. Dryden and Vos get students or members of their audience to wear "brain hats" to act out all the different parts of the brain (a reptile hat for the "reptilian brain", a dog hat for the "mammalian" or emotional brain, a two-sided cortex hat to demonstrate both sides of the brain, a Chinese "pigtail" hat to demonstrate the cerebellum or little brain at the lower back of the skull).

Six thinking hats. One of Edward de Bono's suggestions for teaching creative thinking. Students or seminar participants choose from six different colored hats and each color views a problem in a different way.

Great science demonstrations. Fun, music, lights, actions!

Learning a new language with puppet shows.

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