Information technology
And how to link it with the world's best learning methods

We now live in the first era of human history where it is possible for everyone to communicate with anyone else.
We also now know how to store all the world's information and make it available almost instantly in almost any form to almost anyone on earth. We are thus living through a fundamental turning point in history.

The combined Internet, computer and World-Wide-Web revolution is reshaping an entire generation: even more than the printing press, radio, the automobile and television have reshaped previous ones.

Says Canadian researcher and author Don Tapscott in The Digital Economy: "We are at the dawn of an Age of Networked Intelligence an age that is giving birth to a new economy, a new politics, and a new society."

And Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos, in the 1999's biggest-selling book, The Learning Revolution, say: "the seismic scope of this change forces us to completely rethink everything we've ever understood about learning, education, schooling, business, economics and Government.

"In fact, schools can successfully introduce information technology only if they rethink the role of teaching and learning. If every student can retrieve information when required, then the teacher's main role is no longer that of an information provider."

Throughout The Learning Revolution, the co-authors provide dozens of examples of how to link the world's best instant, multimedia information technology with new methods of teaching and learning. For specific sample pages on information technology:


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