Learning by yourself
The 20-step guide to learning anything faster and easily

Here is our 20-point list:

  1. Start with the lessons from sports.
  2. Dare to dream.
  3. Set a specific goal and set deadlines.
  4. Get an enthusiastic mentor fast.
  5. Start with the big picture first.
  6. Ask!
  7. Seek out the main principle.
  8. Find the three best books on the subject.
  9. Read how to read efficiently.
  10. Reinforce with pictures and sound.
  11. Learn by doing.
  12. Draw Mind Maps instead of linear notes.
  13. Easy ways to retrieve what you've learned.
  14. Learn the art of relaxed awareness.
  15. Practice, practice, practice.
  16. Review and reflect.
  17. Use linking tools such as memory pegs.
  18. Have fun, play games.
  19. Teach others.
  20. Take an accelerated learning course.
This 20-point summary is taken from the introductory "poster page" to chapter four of the world's best-selling book, The Learning Revolution, by Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos. And in that chapter the two authors amplify each one of the 20 steps, with practical examples.

As chapter four points out -

try to forget everything you've ever thought about education.

If school was a bore, forget it. If you dropped out early, forget that too. If you flew through college exams, fine; chapter four should help you do even better. But even if you flunked school, accept that lifelong learning is now needed.

If you're a professional teacher, we still think you'll pick up some new tips. But we handle new styles of teaching in later chapters. This
chapter is mainly for self-starters and those who'd like to be.  


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The Learning Revolution - Learning by Yourself

. Accelerated learning
. Brain based learning
. Business education
. Diet-Nutrition-Education
. Distance learning
. Education futures
. Education and schools
. Elementary schools
. Emotional intelligence
. Foreign languages
. Future trends
. Games - Learning games
. Games - Teaching games
. Games - Training games
. High School Dropouts
. Home schooling
. Ideas & Critical Thinking
. Information technology
. Innovation and Thinking
. Integrated studies
. IQ tests and Intelligence
. Kaizen
. Learning Disabilities
. Learning English
. Learning organizations
. Learning society
. Learning styles
. Learning by yourself
. Memory Tricks
. Mind mapping
. Maria Montessori
. Music and Learning
. Phonics
. Jean Piaget
. Pregnancy and Nutrition
. Preschool Education
. Quotes and Quotations
. Reading Recovery
. Ritalin and ADHD
. Schools of the future
. Self esteem
. Speed Reading
. Teaching Breakthroughs
. The Learning Revolution
. Writing Effectively


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