Learning disabilities
And how to overcome them

Many children do suffer from disabilities that restrict their learning. But a growing range of modern research shows how to overcome them. And much of that research is now easily-accessible through the world's biggest-selling book for 1999, The Learning Revolution.
In a full chapter on the subject, co-authors Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos start with the inspiring example of Helen Keller. Until she was ten, Keller was deaf, blind and mute. But by 16 she had learned to read in Braille, and to write and speak well enough to go to college. She graduated with honors in 1904.

Say the co-authors: "Fortunately her first teacher had never heard of the term "learning disabled."

Dryden and Vos stress that "everyone is potentially gifted - in some way." And chapter 11 of their book, which has sold 9 million copies in China alone, covers these detailed programs to enable otherwise disabled children to catchup:

  • Specialized kinesiology.
  • Physical-routine programs.
  • The ball/stick/bird method.
  • Spelling catch-ups.
  • Back writing for mirror writing problems.
  • New Zealand breakthroughs.
  • The four-minute reading program.
  • Finger-phonics program.
  • Tape-assisted reading program.
  • Peer tutoring.
  • The "Look, Listen" method.
  • Reading Recovery.
  • Personalized key vocabularies.
  • Beginning School Mathematics.
  • Computerized catch-ups.
  • The SEED mathematics program.
  • The Glenn Doman method.
  • The Tomatis Method.
  • Alternatives to ADHD/ADD Syndrome.



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