Learning Styles
Learning methods to identify and build on your strengths

Every one of us has a learning style as unique as our fingerprints.
Some of us are highly visual we have to see colorful pictures or graphics to absorb information easily. Others are strong auditorially - they learn more easily by listening. Yet others are "kinesthetic" - they learn best by moving and doing.

But there are many other combinations of styles. Some are "morning people" they sparkle best in the morning and others are "night owls". Some like to read lying down, others with music on, some in silence. Some study best in groups, others by themselves.

We also have individual thinking styles and individual working styles - the first vital for creative thinking, the latter for selecting suitable employment and enjoying it.

But each one of us also has a unique way to:

  1. Take in information.
  2. Store information.
  3. Retrieve information.
And simple guidelines now exist to help you, your students, family and employees to identify their individual learning, thinking and working styles - and to cater to them.
Authors Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos, in their top-selling book, The LearningRevolution, list learning-styles research among the big breakthroughs that can help every learner achieve his or her potential. They say millions of students around the world are failing at school because they have learning styles that are not suited to their school styles.

Dryden and Vos have devoted an entire chapter to the subject, "How to find your own learning style and use your many intelligences".

This summarizes research from around the world, including Harvard, Yale and the Dunn & Dunn model from St. Johns University. And it provides detailed summaries showing how to identify your own "multiple intelligences", to build on your strengths and overcome any weaknesses.


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