Maria Montessori
The rebirth of a legend

Around 100 years ago Maria Montessori became Italy's first women doctor of medicine.
But she did much more. She started a sensory-based learning method that is now playing a major part in what many are calling "the learning revolution".

Working with so-called "mental defectives" in Italy, Maria Montessori taught them to read, write, spell and count well before starting school.

But even more importantly, she discovered a lasting truth: if you create the right environment for learning, every very young children will explode into self-directed learning. And in doing so they will discover the joy of learning and fulfillment. And they will go on teaching themselves throughout life.

Montessori built on the research of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the 18th century philosopher, who proposed that the key to learning lies with developing each child's senses, starting with concrete experiences.

This movement flowered into prominence as 19th century innovators linked sensory and early-childhood learning. Jean-Marc-Gaspart Iratd, Edouard Seguin, Johann Pestallozi and Friedrich Froebel led this movement, and Montessori was their natural successor.

She put many of their theories into practice to show that the years from birth to six are the most vital of all.

The authors of the world's current best-selling book, The Learning Revolution, come to similar conclusions. But co-authors Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos conclude from all the research that the best early-childhood development programs combine the best from Montessori and the best from many other methods.

In the detailed chapter of their book called The vital years from birth to ten, they record the world's best examples of how these methods are coming together with spectacular results: in countries and states as diverse as Sweden, New Zealand, Montana and California.


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