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The Learning Revolution

To change the way the world learns

Copyrightę 1999 by Gordon Dryden and Jeannette Vos

First New Zealand edition published 1993
First North American, Swedish and United Kingdom editions published 1994.
First Norwegian and Portuguese (Brazilian) editions published 1995.
First Finnish edition published 1996.
First Chinese sophisticated-character edition published 1997.
Second Chinese simplified character edition published 1997.
Revised Chinese edition published 1998.
This updated and revised international edition published 1999.

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This book is copyright, and may not be sold either in full or in part in any form without permission of the publishers. You are, however, given permission to reproduce any of the material for personal use, or to share such material free with friends and students, except for quotations attributed to other authors which are subject to their copyright.

You are also welcome to enlarge and reproduce left-hand pages of the book as posters for home, school or seminar use, provided these are not for sale. We acknowledge with thanks permission for such publication, as granted by publishers or authors whose names appear under each of the "poster" pages.


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