Reading Recovery
How to catch up at school even if you are well behind

Elementary school children up to five years behind in their reading are now catching up in as little as eight to ten weeks.
And children around the globe are learning to read up to three languages before they turn five.

From widespread research, the co-authors of The Learning Revolution summarize the world's best practical catch-up reading programs, including:

Tape-assisted reading, where underachievers select their own books, on subjects that interest them, as ever-increasing reading levels. They then hear the words of each story, from audiocassettes through Sony Walkman, while they read the words from their selected book.

Peer tutoring, where students tutor slower learners using "pause, prompt and praise" techniques

The four-minute reading program, where teachers identify the sounds that five- and six-year-olds can easily identify in writing, and those sounds they can't. The teacher then provides a daily checklist involving words with the "difficult" sounds. Four minutes of swot each night, and a four-minute check next morning and the results are outstanding.

Finger phonics, where youngsters are taught to match "finger actions" to phonetic sounds an effective method of "muscle learning".

Co-authors Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos outline these and many other methods in a chapter entitled The world's greatest catch-up programs and why they work.


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