Chapter 2 Reference Notes

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The Learning Revolution - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Reference Notes
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Where the same reference source is used more than once, subsequent references are abbreviated in this way:
- 6: 1.2 - meaning: see chapter 2, note number 2.
- G.D. is Gordon Dryden, and J.V. is Jeannette Vos.
- Other page references are from this edition of The Learning Revolution.

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Description Page
1. Richard L. Measelle and Morton Egol, Transforming Education: Breakthrough Quality at Lower Cost, Arthur Andersen (1996). 89
2. Canadian Royal Commission report, The Love Of Learning (1995). 89
3. Don Tapscott, Growing Up Digital, McGraw Hill (1998). 91
4. 2.3. But also: The Digital Economy, McGraw Hill (1996), and the book edited by him, Blueprint to the Digital Economy, McGraw Hill (1998). 91
5. John Naisbitt, Megatrends Asia, Simon & Schuster (1996). 93
6. Quoted in 2.3. 93
7. Don Tapscott, The Digital Economy, McGraw Hill (1996). 95
8. 2.3 95
9. Early childhood brain development: see more detailed research, pages 227-231. 95
10. New Zealand hearing problems: Child Hearing in New Zealand, Strategic Directions, N.Z. Health Department (1991). 95
11. Prof. Crawford: interview in London, with G.D. (1990). 97
12. University study showing percentage of new mothers "at risk": a 10-year research project carried out by the Psychology Department, University of Otago Medical School, Dunedin, New Zealand, and summarized in Pacific Network, Pacific Foundation, Auckland, New Zealand (February, 1992). 97
13. H.D. Hirsch, Cultural Literacy, Bantam, Australia (1988). 105
14. Elizabeth G. Hainstock, The Essential Montessori, Plume, New York (1996). Paula Polk Lillard, Montessori: A Modern Approach, Schocken books, New York, has additional information on Professor Kilpatrick's role in curbing the Montessori movement in America. 109
15. John Morss, Growing Up, Longman Paul, New Zealand (1991). Margaret Donaldson, Children's Minds, Fontana/Collins, Glasgow (1978), covers authoritative research critiques of Jean Piaget. 109

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