Chapter 6 Reference Notes

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The Learning Revolution - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 Reference Notes
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Where the same reference source is used more than once, subsequent references are abbreviated in this way:
- 6: 1.2 - meaning: see chapter 2, note number 2.
- G.D. is Gordon Dryden, and J.V. is Jeannette Vos.
- Other page references are from this edition of The Learning Revolution.

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1. Professor Marian Diamond points out (letter to authors, June, 1993) that, while no one develops another cortical brain cell from the time of birth, brain cells do continue to multiply after birth: in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampal complex; granule cells in the cerebellum; and nerve cells in the olfactory epithelium. 213
2. Interview with G.D. (1990). 215
3. Dr. Ian James, interview in New York, with G.D. (1990). 215
4. Jane M. Healy, Your Child's Growing Mind, Doubleday (1987). 219
5. 2.12. 221
6. Children in Crisis, article in Fortune (August 10, 1992). 221
7. 6.6 221
8. The Diagram Group, The Brain: A User's Manual, Berkley books (1983); Richard M. Restak, The Brain: The Last Frontier, Warner books (1979). 223
9. 3.4. 223
10. G.D., Where To Now? television series, produced by Pacific Foundation, New Zealand (1991), scripts reproduced in Pacific Network (February, 1992). 225

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