Chapter 11 Reference Notes

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The Learning Revolution - Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 Reference Notes
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Where the same reference source is used more than once, subsequent references are abbreviated in this way:
- 6: 1.2 - meaning: see chapter 2, note number 2.
- G.D. is Gordon Dryden, and J.V. is Jeannette Vos.
- Other page references are from this edition of The Learning Revolution.

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Description Page
1. From Children in Crisis, Fortune International (August 10, 1992). 367
2. 3.11. 369
3. 7.10. 369
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10. Sierra Vista Junior School results reported in Diffusing Dyslexia, by Lee Wasserwald, special education teacher, in 1985 Grant Results Report, available through Three In One Concepts, Burbank, CA. 375
11. G.D. videotape interviews with Hartigans (1996). 375
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13. Elizabeth Schulz, A Long Way To Go, article in American Teacher magazine (February 1993). 381
14. Four-minute reading programme, and Donna Awatere quotation, from Pacific News, magazine of Radio Pacific, Auckland, New Zealand (1981). 383
15. Interview with G.D. (1991). 383
16. The New Zealand School Journal is published by Learning Media Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand. 385
17. John Medcalf, quotes from interview with G.D. (1991), and some material summarized from his book, TARP: The Tape Assisted Reading Program, Special Education Service, Flaxmere, Hastings, New Zealand. 387
18. 11.17. 387
19. Marie Garbo, Igniting The Literacy Revolution Through Reading Styles, article in Educational Leadership, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Alexandria, VA. (October, 1990). 387
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23. 11.22, and in The Putaruru Experiment, a Television New Zealand documentary, TVNZ archives. 389
24. 11.22. Eastbourne children's reading ability tested before and after the experiment, using the Schonell Graded Word Recognition Test. 391
25. 11.22. Scottish results evaluated using Burt Word Reading Test. 391
26. 11.22. Canadian results derived from the Schonell Graded Word Recognition Test. 391
27. 11.22. 391
28. Reading Recovery in New Zealand, a report from the Office of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools, published by the British Government Office for Standards in Education, London (1993). 393
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30. 7.23. 395
31. 11.13. 397
32. SEED information, mainly collected by G.D. on visit to SEED office in Oakland, CA (1989). 397

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