Chapter 13 Reference Notes

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The Learning Revolution - Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 Reference Notes
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Where the same reference source is used more than once, subsequent references are abbreviated in this way:
- 6: 1.2 - meaning: see chapter 2, note number 2.
- G.D. is Gordon Dryden, and J.V. is Jeannette Vos.
- Other page references are from this edition of The Learning Revolution.

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1. Lester Finch: interview in West Flaxmere, New Zealand, with G.D. (1991). 437
2. South Bay Schools Go Extra Mile For Reading Success, article in Los Angeles Times (June 1, 1992). Phil Grignon is no longer superintendent of the district. 441
3. Information from J.V. and G.D. interview with Dr. Susan Schmidt, of the South Bay School District, San Diego (1992), updated by Al Walters, South Bay Union School District Director of the local HOSTS program (May, 1999). 441
4. From Master's Academy and College Promise, supplied by Superintendent Tom Rudmik by email to JV (May, 1999). 443
5. 13.4 443
6. Information on Cascade Elementary School from A Teachers' Perspective, by Bruce Campbell, in Creating The Future, edited by Dee Dickinson, Accelerated Learning Systems, England (1991). 445
7. Miriam Kronish: interviews from Needham, Massachusetts, by phone with G.D. and J.V. (1993). J.V. also has first-hand experience with John Eliot School's accelerated integrative learning programme. 445
8. Rosemary Green: interview by phone from Needham, Massachusetts, with G.D. (1993). 449
9. J.V. is a longtime senior summer staff member at Cambridge College. 451
10. River Oaks School information: from Apple Computer presentation at Auckland College of Education, New Zealand (1992). 459
11. 1.2 459
12. 1.2. 459

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