Speed reading
How to read 4 books a day and remember what you read

Top-selling writer Gordon Dryden, co-author of The Learning Revolution, says it's easy to read up to four books a day and recall the main points.
At a leading radio talkshow host, for more than seven years he read at least 15 new books a week and skim-read many more. And in The Learning Revolution, he and co-author Dr. Jeannette Vos outline the best methods they have found to read non-fiction much faster and much more effectively.

The key, they say, is to read any non-fiction writing exactly as you read a newspaper: selectively. It's as easy as that! 

Of course, no one reads every word in every newspaper. And, say the authors, neither should you read every word in every book you read.

In newspapers, they say, "you read only those things you are really interested in. And how do you know? Because newspapers are divided into sections, so you read only the sports pages if you are interested in sports, the business pages for business. But even then you don't read every sports story or every business article. Newspaper headlines highlight the main points, and make it easy for you to select." Very simply, they say, "you have cracked the newspaper code." And they recommend that readers should try to "crack the code" of everything else they read.

The Learning Revolution, for instance, is laid out so that readers can easily skim-read the entire 544-page book in 15 to 30 minutes. Every left-handed page is a poster page, generally summarizing the detailed text on the opposite page. And at the start of most chapters, the left-hand poster page summarizes the main points of the chapter.

In chapter four of The Learning Revolution, the authors highlight the 20 easy first steps to better learning, including four sections on:

  • How to relearn how to read efficiently.
  • How to reinforce with pictures and sound.
  • How to draw Mind Maps for easy recall. And
  • Other easy ways to recall what you have learned.


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