Teaching breakthroughs
The six-step plan to teach anything more effectively

 1. Establish the right "state"
Every good teacher needs to orchestrate an optimum learning environment, and set the right learning mood.

2. The right presentation

Every good teacher needs to cover the big picture first, and to cater to all different learning styles and all different types of intelligence. The presentation must always vary between visual, auditory, kinesthetic (movement) and tactile (feeling), and should preferably include music, visuals, dance and movement.

3. Encourage new forms of thinking

Including creative thinking, critical thinking, creative problem solving and activities to store information in long-term memory, and then techniques to retrieve it

4. Design activities to draw students out

Students learn best by doing, and by becoming emotionally involved. So "activitations", games, skits, discussions and plays are vital.

5. Apply it.

To learn it, do it. So students must be encouraged to act our what they have learned. Encourage all students to be teachers and to link all new information with existing information ("the more you link the more you learn").

6. Review, evaluate and celebrate

 . . with praise, celebration, recaps and orchestrated reviews.

This six-step plan is abbreviated from the opening "checklist" from chapter 9 of The Learning Revolution, the world's top-selling book in 1999, written by Dr. Vos and co-author Gordon Dryden

The chapter is full of interesting ideas, collected from around the world, to show how to put these six major principles into action.


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