The Learning Revolution in brief
A summary of the world's best learning breakthroughs

International researchers Gordon Dryden, from New Zealand, and Dr. Jeannette Vos, from California say the world needs a learning revolution to match the revolution in communications and technology.
They say the main elements of that revolution are twofold, linking the modern marvels of brain research with the power of instantly available information and knowledge.

In the introduction to The Learning Revolution, which has sold around 9 million copies in 1999, they highlight key breakthroughs to show that revolution in action

* Students learning to speak a foreign language fairly fluently in eight weeks.

* Three- and four-year-olds learning to speak three languages and read, write, spell and count, well before starting school.

* Eight-to-ten-year-olds designing their own 21st century school - and depicting it on CD-ROMs and videotapes they have made themselves.
* A seven-year-old getting honors in senior high-school mathematics.

* An Alaskan high school where students operate four pilot companies while they learn exporting, foreign languages, statistics, food technology and many other interconnected

* Teachers using music to dramatically improve educational standards. * Schools that identify and cater to a variety of "multiple intelligences".

* The latest research into learning-styles, thinking-styles and working styles.

* The country that is spending $2.5 million in each of its schools to introduce the world's best information technology.

* The latest brain research and how it reveals that each one of us is using only a small part of our potential.


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