The Learning Revolution - For Business

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.8 The secret heart of learning (Read Chapter) 269
    How to program for success in education and in business
. .
.14 Tomorrow's business world (Read Chapter) 463
    Big growth opportunities for 'the learning organization"
    Electronic multimedia opportunities 463
    Accelerated learning business opportunities 471
    Selling services and training with your products 475
    The company as a learning organization 477
    The school or college as a business venture 483
.15 Just do it!  (Read Chapter) 487
    How any country can lead the learning revolution: and so can you
    The Singapore centralized leadership model 487
    The decentralized New Zealand model 489
    The new Swedish models 491
    The certification model 493
    Corporate leadership models 495
    The give-it-away model 497
    The Internet selling model 497
    The business-teacher-multimedia model 499
    The Foundation model 501
    The international conference model 503
    The "learning organization" model 503
    The "cluster" model 505
    The Chinese "back to your roots" model 507
    Invent your own model


.Chapter reference notes 514
.Acknowledgments and thanks 526
    The Learning Revolution Library 528
    Other recommended reading 534
.Index 538
Notes: 1. Figures throughout are in U.S. dollars unless stated. 2. Billions are also in American terminology; thus one billion is 1,000 million, and a trillion is a million million. 3. Spelling is American-English.

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