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 The Learning Revolution in Action Los Angeles
Four-Day Workshops – July 24-27 & July 31-August 4 2006

The traditional teaching/learning methods used today are outdated and less effective in the workplace or learning environment. You can be equipped with an entirely new set of tools to meet the standards and challenges of the world today.

Modeled after the international best selling book, The Learning Revolution, co-authored by the
facilitator, Dr. Jeannette Vos, The Learning Revolution In Action Four-Day Workshops are designed to equip you with the essential strategies you need. Revitalize your learning environment, workplace, or interpersonal skills. These whole brain teaching and learning techniques will dramatically improve the way you train, manage, teach, or study and thereby increase your effectiveness.Click here for Workshop Brochure (Front) (PDF Format 210KB)
Click here for Workshop Brochure (Back) (PDF Format 47KB)First Russian edition of The Learning Revolution

A new, completely updated version of the world’s top-selling nonfiction book, The Learning Revolution, has now been launched in Russia.The new, first-time publisher is Khalil Shagiyev. He returned to live in his home-country in early 2002 after working for four years in Silicon Valley, California, USA.Working in the heart of the world’s top digital powerhouse, he also became fascinated at the role interactive technology will play in education.When he read the latest U.S. edition of The Learning Revolution, he became fascinated at the way in which it spelled out how to marry the world’s best interactive learning and teaching technology with the world’s best new learning and teaching methods.Publishing in the Russian language provided an extra difficulty for the co-authors. Russian takes up 20 percent more space than English. “So we had to provide 20 percent more left-hand ‘poster pages’, says editor-publisher Gordon Dryden.Russian publisher Shagiyev traveled to England last summer to watch Dryden run two one-day seminars for educators. He plans an author tour of Moscow later in 2003.Model Learning Revolution seminars in New Zealand in JulyThe world’s southern-most city will host two one-week Learning Revolution seminars in July 2003.They will be held in the Southland Institute of Technology in the heart of the tiny city of Invercargill.In both cases they will introduce school principals, teachers and community leaders to the new learning methods covered in The Learning Revolution.The first five-day seminar runs from July 7 to 11 – mainly for primary/elementary schools. And the second: from July 14 to 18 – mainly for high schools, middle schools and intermediate schools.Both coauthors of the book, Gordon Dryden and Jeannette Vos, will run keynote sessions.The entire program is being organised by The Learning Web Ltd., New Zealand-based international publisher of The Learning Revolution.The seminars are being sponsored jointly by Industry New Zealand (the New Zealand Government department’s division that promotes innovation and skills).The seminars will feature an alternating format that has already proven very successful in New Zealand interactive technology conferences: 1hr 15 minute keynote presentations to for all attendees, then 1 hr 45 minute hands-on breakout workshops in which attendees work in groups of 30, each with a personal computer, to learn exciting new ways to use interactive technology in teaching.Click here for both programs:- First week’s program (440k – Acrobat PDF)
– Second week’s program (429k – Acrobat PDF)Top British high school runs Learning Revolution seminarCramlington Community High School, near Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, in the north of England, is running a one-day accelerated-learning seminar on June 20, 2003.The school’s learning director Mark Lovatt and principal Derek Wise have written a great book called “Creating an Accelerated Learning School”. This outlines the great success they have had in rebuilding Cramlington around the joint concepts of an “accelerated learning cycle” and interactive technology.OFSTED, the British school examination authority, praises the school as one of the best examples in England of using IT correctly.Gordon Dryden, coauthor of The Learning Revolution, will make the keynote address at Cramlington’s June conference.Both The Learning Revolution and Creating an Accelerated Learning School are published in Britain by Network Educational Press Ltd: