“The Learning Revolution has given my wife and me more ideas to help our children than I have gathered together in 15 years of work-shops on teaching. And its unique format enables you to speed-read the entire book in about 15 minutes.” Graham Hookey, head of Meadowridge School, Maple Ridge, Canada
   “This book is truly causing a new learning revolution in China. It sold a phenomenal 2,007,691 copies in only three weeks – and 7 million copies in 23 weeks. All 1,000 members of our own company have brought copies: and this year we donated 10 more to each staff-member as a Chinese New Year gift for families and friends. We can genuinely say that The Learning Revolution is changing the future or the world’s oldest civilization.” Song Chaodi, President, Clever Software Group Group Company, China.
   Wow! The most inspiring and informative book on the brain and accelerated learning that I have ever read. Bound to become a classic.” Diane Loomans, President of Global Leading, San Diego, California, and author of Full Esteem Ahead 
   “If today every parent and every teacher alive read this book, the world would change for the better by tomorrow. I know only one other thing which has that power.” Glenn Doman, Philadelphia, USA, author of Teach Your Baby To Read 
   “Congratulations on your superb effort to bring present views about learning and education together. . . a very positive message of our potential, toward learning specifically and toward life in general.” Professor Marian Diamond, University of California at Berkeley, USA, the scientist who dissected part of Albert Einstein’s brain 
   “About 30,000 copies of The Learning Revolution have so far been sold in Sweden. Over 25,000 business innovators and educators have attended Learning Revolution seminars and workshops. A truly brilliant interactive passport to the 21st century.” Ingemar Svantesson, publisher and author, Sweden 
   “This is the book that I wish I had written. It is accessible, important and transformational. It will change lives. And it should change education.” Sir Christopher Ball, Chairman of Britain’s Campaign for Learning 
   “When a book quickly sells 20,000 copies in a nation of 3.5 million people, and goes through three editions in five months, you know it’s spot on target. Outstanding for business, schools, families-and everyone rethinking the future for a new century.” Reg Birchfield, publisher, Management magazine, New Zealand 
   “Now more than ever, the whole concept of education and learning needs to be reinvented. This book brilliantly shows us how.” Charles Handy, United Kingdom, author of The Age Of Unreason 
   “One of the most important books of the decade. With Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Learning Revolution has become one of our two main guidebooks in helping to transform 44,000 staff into an active learning organization.” John Hoerner, Chief Executive, The Burton Group Plc., United Kingdom 
   “Absolutely outstanding. The entire book is the most inspiring and comprehensive pulling together of all the various strands of learning research that I have ever seen.” Colin Rose, co-author of Accelerated Learning For The 21st Century 
   “With the publication of Common Sense, Thomas Paine launched a revolution in the 13 American colonies. May this wonderful book launch The Learning Revolution throughout the world. It is a masterpiece of research … not about what might be done some day, but what is being done and can be done now. A blueprint for the 21st century-now.” Steven Snyder, President, Steven Snyder Seminars, California, USA
  “As soon as I took it out of the mail, The Learning Revolution became a desktop resource in our office. It provides information and perspective that have been tremendously beneficial to me personally and to hundreds of others receiving parts of it shared in presentations.” Jeanne Forrester, Ed.D., Governor’s Education Adviser, State of Mississippi, USA 
   “This book is terrific, and the left-right page format, with poster and text, is outstanding. A ‘must’ for school board members especially. Congratulations on a fine production.” Lyelle L. Palmer, Professor of Education and Special Education Chair, Winona State University, Minnesota, USA 
   “Here, at last, is a book that writes the script for the most important revolution of the day: succinctly, simply, enthusiastically, honestly. A well-aimed challenge for all of us to rethink entirely everything we were ever taught about learning and teaching.” Hon. Mike Moore, former New Zealand Prime Minister. Currently Co-Chairman of the World Trade Organisation
   “With this book, The Learning Revolution, Gordon Dryden and Jeannette Vos establish themselves as world leaders in that same revolution. The Learning Revolution is what books on education should be: a masterful blend of knowledge, care, optimism and very practical advice. It provides a superb tour of the main advances and main concepts that will affect education and learning in the 21st century. It is also a tour deforce! ” Tony Buzan, England, author of The Mind Map Book 
   “Simply the best book I have seen about modern teaching methods, and presented in the same exciting way that it promotes for effective learning. When it was first published, we air-freighted supplies into Singapore for each of our teachers. Teacher applicants also receive a copy as an indication of our teaching method goals. This is an outstanding overview and a practical guide.”
David A. Perry, Chairman, Overseas Family School, Singapore 
   “This book is absolutely superb and will stimulate, challenge and inspire many educators in the future. Inspirational and exciting in that it presents very practical suggestions about doing something now!” Raymond A. Daley, Principal, St. Ives Primary School, Sydney, Australia
   “The best in learning from around the world … catapults the reader into the possibilities of education’s future. An important book … invaluable for anyone interested in learning.” Bobbi DePorter, Oceanside, California, USA, Past President, International Alliance for Learning, and author of Quantum Learning 
  “An exciting and very positive blueprint for the future, for both parents and educators.” Ronald Hockwalt, Superintendent, Walnut Valley Unified School District, Walnut Creek, Los Angeles, California, USA 
   “A ripper!” Glenn Capelli, Perth, Western Australia, co-author of Maximizing Your Learning Potential: a handbook for lifelong learning